Community SOC

Community SOC


The Community SOC team deliver value in two primary areas:

  • Providing simple, affordable internet protection for small companies and individuals - "Community Protect"
  • Providing cyber security services as a sub-contractor to other IT and cyber security companies

Powered by neuro-diversity

The Community SOC is a talented cyber security team staffed entirely by previously unemployed neuro-diverse people.

Many neurodiverse individuals have particular skills in being detailed, focused, and recognising changes in patterns. However, they find it difficult to work in a typical workplace due to their disability affecting their ability for social interaction, understanding workplace ‘rules’, and coping with noise and excessive activity. In addition, many adults in this situation have been unsuccessful in getting or holding jobs in the past and, partly as a consequence, they have high social anxiety and low self esteem.

IASME provides a safe and supported environment for this team to allow them to gain confidence, demonstrate their considerable skills and flourish.  We hope that many of them will move from our Community SOC team to fill some of the cyber security vacancies in other companies. When a team member leaves we fill the gap with another unemployed neuro-diverse trainee from the UK Cyber Security Forum training course.

If you have vacancies within your cyber security or IT team please poach our staff!