How to become a CAA ASSURE Cyber Supplier

The ASSURE audit scheme can only be performed by ASSURE Cyber Professionals who have been accredited to conduct audits on behalf of the ASSURE Cyber Supplier.

To become a Cyber Supplier you must have Cyber Professionals team members who are accredited in one or more of the following three specialisms (all specialisms must be present for an ASSURE Cyber Audit):

  • Cyber Audit & Risk Management;
  • Technical Cyber Security Expert; and/or
  • Industrial Control Systems/Operational Technology Expert.

Further details of ASSURE Cyber Professional and ASSURE Cyber Supplier requirements can be found here:

  • To apply to become an ASSURE Cyber Supplier please click here
  • The ASSURE Implementation Guide is available to download here
  • Please look at the flow chart in the adjacent tab ‘Accreditation Process’.
  • Once you have completed the online application process and have been approved by the CAA you will be invited to attend a training date, please see ‘Training’ tab (on this page) for further details.
  • For more information on CAA’s cyber security oversight process please visit their website
  • For more information please contact [email protected]

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When your application has been approved you can attend our ASSURE training program.

This training will look at the process from the perspective of:
• An aviation organisation
• The CAA
• An ASSURE Auditor
You will need this to pass this training to become a qualified IASME CAA ASSURE Cyber Professional.

• Our 2-day training courses take place on Wednesday and Thursday of the first week of each month, from 9.30 – 4.30 (with an hour for lunch and a break in the morning and afternoon).
• Courses are online.
For more information about training please contact [email protected]

Description Cost
Annual Fee for ASSURE audit service Cyber Supplier registration
£500 per year
Charge to Cyber Supplier for every ASSURE Scheme Audit
£200 per audit
CAA ASSURE Scheme IASME training
£1000 per person