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Protect Business offers complete security monitoring of your network through the use of a small device and a dedicated security team.

The service can spot and block any devices that present a risk to your organisation, such as computers without anti-virus, malware, unexpected new devices and suspicious Internet activity. The security team will contact you if anything that presents a security risk is identified, and we can assist you in resolving the problem by referring your issue to a UK- wide network of cyber security advisors.


Our goals

Protect Business provides a level of protection from the most common internet security threats, including malware, phishing and fraud.

Our service helps you to identify vulnerabilities in your devices and provides guidance on how to fix them.

The service is easy to configure and use, requiring users to have little technical skill.

Our service supports the connection of all commonly used devices to the internet, including Windows and Mac laptops, mobile phones and tablet.

How does it work?:

The Smart Monitoring service comprises of two elements.

A small security device which plugs into your office network

A dedicated security team who monitor the device on your behalf

The security device provides the technical protection and monitoring for your network. The appliance uses domain filtering to prevent users’ devices from accessing domains that are being commonly used by criminals and hackers to spread malware or to remotely control compromised machines.

The appliance verifies whether your equipment meets basic security requirements, including:

Checking if firewalls are active on all devices

Confirming installed software has been updated to the latest version

Verifying that active anti-virus has been installed on all devices

Only enabling services that are required for business purposes

The dedicated security team is provided by the IASME Community Security Operations Center (SOC), a talented cyber security team staffed entirely by neurodiverse people.

Keeping you safe online

Keeping you safe online

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