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IASME offers a variety of training courses and exams.  We train Cyber Security professionals to become Cyber Essentials or IASME Governance assessors and we also offer training for business leaders in small organisations to enable them to manage their Cyber Security responsibilities.

become an assessor

You need to have at least 3 years experience of working in IT or cyber security, be part of a licensed Certification Body, and be based in the UK to be a Cyber Essentials assessor. There are some other minimum qualifications you need depending on whether you will be assessing the Cyber Essentials question set or the Cyber Essentials Plus technical audit.  

cyber security training

for business leaders

The Cyber Security Leadership Strategies Programme is training for senior managers in small organisations.  It is designed for non technical business leaders who have a responsibility for their organisation’s information governance and cyber security. The training is made up of 7 half day modules which cost £50 + vat for the first module and then £150 each for the others.  You can book onto only those that you feel you need training in.  The first module is a recommended starting point and is based around a simulated, interactive, cyber incident.  This exercise will demonstrate the relevance of the topics covered by the other modules.

Pre-Qualification for Cyber Essentials PLUS Assessors (VA+) 

All Cyber Essentials Plus assessors must already have one of the specified Lead Assessor qualifications or have passed the Vulnerability Assessment Plus (VA+) exam. The VA+ exam has been developed by IASME and NCSC and will be run with CyberScheme. More information on this exam and bookings can be seen.

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