Products that have achieved IoT scheme certification

Please find below some of the products that have achieved IoT Security Assured certification

Black Space Technology

Device type: Health sensor and service

Certified product name(s): Rapid Mobile Care / Rapid Mobile Warrior / Rapid Telemed


Device type: Smart Sensor

Certified product name(s): Base

Description: Detects real-time occupancy levels and integrates to Building Management System for building automation.

Boundary Technologies

Device type: House alarm system

Certified product name(s): Boundary Alarm

Description: IoT intruder alarm system with wireless sensors and siren.

Device type: IoT Power Sockets

Certified product name(s): m.e Power Socket

Description: The m.e Platform's internet-connected power socket measures live energy use and performs machine learning on the edge, automatically taking action to reduce energy use. The m.e Platform provides facilities managers and building occupants with real-time energy use monitoring to support energy savings, improved building performance, and decarbonisation goals.


Device type: Secure internet protocol (IP) & standards-based wireless-mesh solutions

Certified product name(s): Chili2D, Chili2S

Description: The Chili module communicates over IP, device-to device or device-to cloud, using end-end public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption. Uniquely, the application protocol is vertical-agnostic, extending IP connectivity to virtually any data protocol.


Device type: Building Sensors

Certified product name(s): HX2

Description: Sensor platform containing a suite of sensors and communication interfaces.


Device type: Full-stack digital platform providing end-to-end data services

Certified product name(s): R3 Suite: R3 Cell, R3 Mote, R3 Cloud

Description: Full-stack digital platform - combining satellite, cellular, IoT and data analytics – seamlessly connects to any IoT device, providing organisations with end-to-end data services from any location, regardless of existing infrastructure.