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The IASME Community SOC (Security Operations Centre) is made up of a talented team of cyber security professionals making enterprise style security services accessible and affordable for small and micro businesses.

Community SOC

Cyber criminals don’t care how big your IT budget is, they are only interested in what they can steal from you. What would happen if someone decided to target your business? Our team can help you improve your defences with our suite of services:

Intelligence Gathering

The Community SOC are expert researchers and can find all sorts of information about you and your staff on the internet! Unfortunately, hackers can do the same thing. Our team will provide you with a report detailing your company’s online profile and how to remove any sensitive data you are exposing.

Probing Your Network

Our team will carry out an external vulnerability scan on your office and website. You will receive a full report explaining how and why you need to fix some issues and which issues you can safely ignore.

Phishing Your Staff

How good are your staff at spotting malicious or spoofed emails? Phishing is a common way to steal credentials and commit fraud, and your only effective defence is your staff’s vigilance. We can train your staff on how to spot malicious emails and provide a handy mechanism for them to report any they spot. You also get regular reports on your staff’s improving performance.

Keeping you safe online

Keeping you safe online | Powered by neuro-diveristy

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