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Cyber Safe Charities To help strengthen the third sector’s resilience against rogue cyber security activity, The IASME Consortium together with participating Certification Bodies and embarking on a week-long campaign to offer discounted Cyber Essentials certification...

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It’s holiday time, but the ICO keeps busy

It's holiday time, but the ICO keeps busy. You will either have had your annual summer break by now or be preparing for it.  Whichever we hope you have, or had a relaxing time.  The period from now to May 25th 2018 is going to be quite busy for most businesses. The...

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Holiday season – but not for GDPR preparations!

Holiday Season but not for GDPR Preparations! As we approach the holiday season, it is usually a good time to reflect.  What has the business achieved since the start of the year?  What do we want to achieve for the remainder of the year? 2017 is an important year. ...

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IASME Governance now supports assessments against GDPR

IASME Governance now supports assessments against GDPR   Even though GDPR is only a year away, in practical terms it is just around the corner.  Despite its imminence, it is surprising how many businesses and business consultants have still not heard of GDPR. If...

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Are you GDPR ready? IASME’s new scheme points the way

Are you GDPR ready? IASME's new scheme points the way If the General Data Protection Regulations are not keeping you awake at night then, congratulations, you will be one of the relatively few businesses who have investigated the requirements of the regulations and...

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Countdown to GDPR

Countdown to GDPR In the latest of our GDPR Blogs, Peter Loomes, GDPR Practitioner, provides an overview of his recent survey results.  When we look at the time businesses think it will take them to prepare against the actual time left, the immediacy becomes very...

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GDPR- Where do I start?

GDPR- Where do I start? For the IASME Consortium’s March update on the General Data Protection Regulations, we talk to GDPR Practitioner, Peter Loomes, who will be working part-time with IASME.  Peter’s input provides us with another expert angle to our regular GDPR...

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GDPR – “The Detail Behind the Headlines”

Last month, The IASME Consortium, launched the first in a series of informative updates on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations.  Our regular updates, brought to you in collaboration with leading law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR), will run right...

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GDPR – Much more than just 4 initials!

GDPR – Much more than just 4 initials! From now until its implementation in May 2018, The IASME Consortium will be running a series of articles around the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Whilst businesses consistently face new legislation, this is arguably...

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