Why does the Cyber Advisor scheme centre around the 5 Cyber Essentials controls?

Jun 20, 2023 | Cyber Advisors, Cyber Essentials

Cyber Advisor is the National Cyber Security Centre’s new Industry Assurance scheme delivered in partnership with IASME. It provides small and medium sized organisations with reliable and cost effective cyber security advice and practical support.

The experts at the National Cyber Security Centre believe that the technical controls of Cyber Essentials mitigate the majority of high volume, low-skill attacks perpetrated through the internet. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to make the UK more secure is to help organisations to implement the technical controls at scale across the country. Cyber Essentials is recognised as a good baseline standard and there is confidence that it will improve the security for those that properly implement it.

Currently, Cyber Advisors will provide cost-effective advice and, where required, hands-on help to implement the five Cyber Essentials Technical Controls. Ultimately, the Cyber Advisor scheme may expand beyond Cyber Essentials so in order to differentiate them from any future Cyber Advisors offering a different ‘specialism’, they are called, Cyber Advisors (Cyber Essentials).

 Organisations looking for advice do not need to be aiming for Cyber Essentials certification. The advice offered by Cyber Advisors will prepare you for certification, however, if you work with a Cyber Advisor, you are not then obliged to apply for a Cyber Essentials certificate – unless you want or need to. It must be noted that Cyber Advisors cannot issue Cyber Essentials certification (unless they are also a Cyber Essentials Certification Body Assessor), so organisations will still need to apply for Cyber Essentials certification separately.

 You can find more information and a list of registered Cyber Advisors that are located all around the UK on the IASME Website (find a cyber advisor). Contact them directly for advice.

Any questions, please contact IASME at [email protected]