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Introducing the Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool

May 13, 2021 | Readiness Tool

What is the Readiness Tool?

Developed by IASME on behalf of the National Cyber Security Centre, The Readiness Tool is an interactive website that helps you take a look at your business cyber security. As you work through a questionnaire , you will be able to gauge your current level of cyber security in relation to where you need to be to achieve Cyber Essentials.

What are we getting ready for?

Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective Government approved scheme for businesses. The scheme addresses the essentials of cyber security which can protect your business from the majority of common internet threats. The Cyber Essentials certification badge, lets your customers and supply chain know that you have achieved a recognised standard and are therefore serious about cyber security.

Why do we need a tool?

Many businesses know they need to take control of their cyber security, but don’t know where to start. The Readiness Tool is the first step in the journey towards becoming Cyber Essentials certified. It is designed to support and educate, shedding light on some of the technical terms and creating a tailored pathway for you to follow.

How much does it cost ?

It is a free tool.

How do you use the Readiness Tool?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Go online to the Cyber Essential Readiness tool.

  • Work your way through a series of questions that address different parts of your organisation’s security. The questions assume no technical knowledge and are written in plain English, you can work at your own pace, even saving your answers, taking a break, and going back later.

  • Throughout the questionnaire, there are additional guidance documents available to help you understand the five technical controls and how they relate to your business. All the guidance is written in layman’s terms and is specifically targeted at those who are non technical.

  • Your answers to the questions will inform the tailored guidance and step by step action plan which will be presented to you when you reach the end of the readiness tool. Eg If you have answered ‘no’, or ‘ I don’t know what this means’ to any question, you will be given instruction about what to do or how to learn more.

  • Download or print off your readiness action plan and start to work your way through the action items.

Where can we find further help and guidance about Cyber Essentials?

Look through our Frequently Asked Questions available on the IASME website.

Join the free Cyber Essentials LinkedIn Advice Group. You can ask specific questions about the Cyber Essentials certification process and someone from IASME or our Certification Body community will answer. You can also read all the other questions and answers that have been posted in the past.

Contact one of the Cyber Essentials Certification Bodies located around the UK and Crown Dependencies. These specialists are trained and licensed to certify against Cyber Essentials and are available to offer consulting services to help you achieve your certification.

If you are ready to certify to Cyber Essentials, you can download the assessment questions from the IASME website for free.

You can apply for a Cyber Essentials assessment via the IASME website here. The Cyber Essentials assessment will cost £300 + vat.