IASME create a new Team Lead Exam for Providers of Cyber Incident Exercising services

Jun 4, 2024 | Cyber Incident Exercising

IASME is partnered with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to deliver four of its schemes. Our job is to manage the assessment, onboarding, monitoring and off boarding of the cyber security companies that offer the services for the schemes and to ensure that they meet the NCSC’s quality and security standards. Fairness and inclusion are important values for IASME and we feel strongly about ensuring that smaller cyber security companies and those working hard to address issues of under-representation in the cyber security workforce are able to apply to become NCSC Assured Service Providers.

The Cyber Incident Exercising (CIE) scheme has been developed to help a wide range of UK businesses find a high-quality provider to help them rehearse, evaluate and improve their cyber incident response plan. As one of the NCSC delivery partners, IASME assures that the providers of Cyber incident Exercising (CIE) have a team with sufficient skills and experience of running table-top and live-play cyber exercises for organisationally significant events (as defined by the NCSC’s Technical Standard for Incident Exercising). In most cases, each team will need a Team Lead who has at least three years’ experience in a role where cyber incident exercising for external clients forms a key part of the job.

IASME have developed an optional new ‘Team Lead’ exam which is one way for an individual to demonstrate the experience and expertise required for the team lead role as a provider of cyber incident exercising services. The introduction of this exam provides an entry point for individuals who have less  than the required three years’ experience in incident exercising but can show they have the skills to fulfil this role.

About the Team Lead exam 

The team lead exam is designed to allow candidates to demonstrate their skills and experience in relation to incident exercising. It is for people who already have a good knowledge of incident exercising and who have already used their skills in multiple client engagements.

The exam process will require candidates to cite examples of previous engagements and hands-on incident exercising experience.

They will also need to apply their skills to develop and deliver a scenario in relation to an example client which will be a typical organisation that might be interested in cyber incident exercising.

Via an online platform, candidates will answer a series of questions about their approach to incident exercising.

The final step in the assessment process is an interview with the examiner (via a remote link). The examiner will ask them about their experience and skills and may ask for more information about the answers they have already provided. They will also be asked to talk through their incident scenario including how they would handle stakeholders and other situations in relation to the exercise they have created.

IASME is a company that values diversity and different abilities and makes a priority of removing barriers. We will accommodate needs or preferences, including delivering the exam process in an alternative format or method to suit the applicant.

For more information about the Team Lead exam, contact the IASME training team – [email protected]







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