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Do you want to become a Cyber Essentials Assessor?

A Cyber Essentials Assessor is a trained and qualified cyber security professional that assesses whether an organisation meets the criteria for Cyber Essentials and issues that certification. All Assessors for the Cyber Essentials scheme must work for a Certification Body (CB) and be based in the UK or the Crown Dependencies.

IASME is the National Cyber Security Centre’s Delivery Partner for the Cyber Essentials scheme. We licence companies as Certification Bodies to offer assessment to cyber security standards including Cyber Essentials. Once an Assessor has successfully completed the training and passed the assessment, the company they work for can become a Certification Body. Certification Bodies must be domiciled in the UK or Crown Dependencies and a minimum of 70% of their Cyber Essentials certifications must be UK based organisations .

When you are ready, you can start the process to become a Cyber Essentials Assessor by answering the questions below, or by contacting our customer services team on [email protected]. If you have any questions, please do give us a call on 03300 882 752.