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Any organisation can find a qualified and assured Cyber Advisor working within companies who have met NCSC’s quality and security standards.

This makes it simple for organisations that are starting out on their cyber security journey to benefit from expert skills and advice offered by qualified individuals.

How do you select a Cyber Advisor?

When choosing a provider, you may wish to consider whether they have the relevant experience in the sector you operate in, or in the technology that you use.

There is no recommended price for assured Cyber Advisors to charge. Each job will vary depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of your IT.

All Cyber Advisors have passed an independent assessment which measured their:

Knowledge and understanding of the Cyber Essentials technical controls

Competence in providing practical, hands-on support

Ability to understand and work with small and medium sized organisations

All Cyber Advisors must work for a company which has met the NCSC’s quality and security standards and been accepted as an Assured Service Provider.

You can find and approach a Cyber Advisor directly by looking through the list below, or you can be allocated a Cyber Advisor by filling in the ‘Get a quote’ form. It is simply the difference between you approaching a Cyber Advisor, or them approaching you.

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After filling out and submitting the form, you will be contacted by up to three different Cyber Advisors. Alternatively you can find a Cyber Advisor and contact them directly.

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