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NCSC Cyber Incident Exercising

Do you want to become an Assured Service Provider for Cyber  Incident Exercising?

Applications are open to all companies who can meet the NCSC’s Technical Standard for Incident Exercising. 

IASME works with companies of all sizes across all our schemes, including micro and small businesses. In fact, our company was originally established to help smaller organisations get into cyber security! So, if you are a smaller organisation and can meet the standard, we can help you get assured.

The process involves an initial application where we verify a few details about your company, including your quality and security certifications. The next stage is to complete an online assessment where you will need to provide evidence of your experience in offering incident exercising services as well as case studies and references from previous clients. Your application is then assessed (and you may be asked for further information). If you have successfully demonstrated your ability to meet the requirements, you can then join the scheme as an Assured Service Provider.

There is an onboarding cost of £1,100 + VAT.

Further details about the process, including ongoing costs and timeframes, can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

When you are ready, you can start the process by answering the questions below, or by contacting our customer services team [email protected]. If you have any questions, please do give us a call on 0330 088 2752.