Cyber Security Training for Business LEADERS

The Cyber Security Leadership Strategies Programme is training for senior managers in small organisations.  It is designed for non technical business leaders who have a responsibility for their organisation’s information governance and cyber security. It will equip you with the language and understanding to liaise effectively with your technical teams or contractors. The learning outcomes include providing you with the knowledge on where you can find additional sources of independent, credible, advice.

Gaining a certificate in Cyber Security Leadership Strategies will give shareholders, investors and customers confidence that the senior management of a small organisation has the understanding to effectively manage the information governance and cyber security risks.


Recognising that it is difficult for business leaders to assign a full day to training, our modular approach to this course makes the learning accessible and manageable. Each module will be of a half day duration. The course has been specifically designed to break through the jargon that so often introduces mystique into cyber security and information governance.

Throughout the programme you will learn to embrace the terminology, recognise what it means, how it impacts your businesses and what proven solutions you can implement; many at no or low cost.

The first half day module costs just £50 and consists of an interactive exercise which goes through the phases of a common cyber attack. This exercise will put into context the importance of the modules that follow.

The additional modules cover:
• Identification and management of Information assets
• Risk assessments and risk management
• Data Protection considerations for SME Businesses
• People security in relation to good information governance
• Cyber Essentials
• Disaster recovery and business continuity


The first module of the training is the only mandatory one as it gives context for all the others. The first module costs £50 + vat per person and any subsequent modules you choose to book are £150 + vat per person.

You can book to attend the first module which is the interactive incident here

 You can book to attend the second module which covers identification and management of information assets here

 You can book to attend the third module which covers risk assessments and risk management here

You can book to attend the fourth module which covers data protection considerations for small organisations here

You can book to attend the fifth module which covers people security in relation to good information governance here

 You can book to attend the sixth module which covers the managment of Cyber Essentials in a small organisation here

You can book to attend the seventh module which covers disaster recovery and business continuity here

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