IASME Governance now supports assessments against GDPR

IASME Governance now supports assessments against GDPR


Even though GDPR is only a year away, in practical terms it is just around the corner.  Despite its imminence, it is surprising how many businesses and business consultants have still not heard of GDPR. If you want to test out how good your trusted adviser is, ask them what they know about GDPR.  If they show a blank face you may want to think twice before using their services!

Of those that have heard of GDPR, knowing where to start and what needs to be done are the next challenges.  There are many sources of advice, though, the authorative reference point remains the Information Commissioners website.  A useful ’12 steps to take now’ guidance document is available here

Integral to GDPR is the privacy and protection of data. That element clearly fits neatly into the current IASME portfolio.  For that reason, IASME is pleased to announce that it too can offer support in getting your business ‘GDPR Ready’.

How? Alongside ‘Cyber Essentials’ certifications, IASME also delivers its own information governance standard.  This standard covers risk and compliance elements including secure operations, staff awareness, data back-up and incident response.  IASME realised that this Governance Standard already covered many of the requirements of GDPR.  So, with the addition of some extra questions to cover the gaps, the IASME Governance Standard has now been developed to provide extra resilience to your information governance and to help your business become ‘GDPR Ready’.

To ensure the standard encompassed GDPR, IASME courted input and feedback from a GDPR Practitioner and from 2 legal firms.   We are now at the stage of rolling out training for our Certification Bodies on the GDPR additions to ensure they are suitably trained to perform the GDPR assessments.

Emma Philpott, CEO of IASME stated, “We have always been really proud of our award winning Governance Standard.  We are now extremely proud to be the first and only Government appointed Cyber Essentials Accreditation Body to offer a Governance Standard which has been taken to a completely new level with the inclusion of GDPR.”

GDPR Practitioner, Peter Loomes, has worked with The IASME on the development of the GDPR aspects of the IASME Standard.  “This is a fantastic initiative.  IASME have recognised that Information Security and Data Protection should be considered as partners and not as separate activities.  Too few businesses see the true importance of GDPR and IASME should be congratulated for helping provide a real route to ensure readiness for the impending Regulations.”

IASME has worked closely with leading law firm, Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR), to help bring you information on GDPR.  Rob Cobley, Partner, with HCR has also welcomed the IASME initiative. “The privacy and security of data is integral to the forthcoming GDPR.  It makes sense that a cyber/ information assurance accreditation body should come up with such an initiative.  I’m really pleased it is IASME who seized the initiate and they should be commended for bringing a product to market so quickly.”

If you’d like more information on the IASME GDPR Package, please email us via [email protected] or call us on 03300 882752.