Britain Thinks – a survey about Cyber Essentials

The Government’s “Britain Thinks” survey – how can you help?

The UK Government launched Cyber Essentials in 2014 and it was delivered by five different Accreditation Bodies until April 2020. From 1st April this year the scheme will be delivered by just one Cyber Essentials partner, IASME. The Government is keen to understand more about the experience of companies who have been through the scheme since its inception and this will help to measure and understand changes to the scheme from now on and how those impact organisations going through the certification.

In order to do this, the Government has asked a research company, Britain Thinks, to develop a survey and then analyse the results.  Many of IASME’s past clients that originally agreed to be contacted in the future will have received an email from us with a link to the Britain Thinks survey.  Please do contact us if you have any concerns about this or would like to find out more about this survey.