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Are you GDPR ready? IASME’s new scheme points the way

May 9, 2017 | GDPR

Are you GDPR ready? IASME’s new scheme points the way

If the General Data Protection Regulations are not keeping you awake at night then, congratulations, you will be one of the relatively few businesses who have investigated the requirements of the regulations and made the changes necessary for your business!

The General Data Protection Regulations are arguably one of the most important and impactful laws for some time.  The potential consequences of non-compliance are of such significance that this is undeniably a topic that should be owned, discussed and supported at the most senior level of every organisation.

As with any new legislation, the big challenge in terms of preparation is knowing where to start and what to do.  There is good guidance which you can reference such as the website of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), .

Our new IASME package can also provide you with valuable guidance. IASME has enhanced its award-winning information security governance assessment to incorporate GDPR Ready’.  The IASME Governance standard which is risk based and follows the lines of international best practice, covers key information assurance aspects such as business continuity, incident management, staff awareness and data backup.  The assessment question set now includes optional questions which review your companies processes and procedures against the requirements of GDPR. Once you have been certified against the standard you can demonstrate this to your clients through the ‘GDPR Ready’ logo.

Underlining how the new scheme fits neatly with the existing portfolio, Chief Executive of The IASME Consortium, Dr Emma Philpott, said “The new Data Protection Regulations really do require a company to have basic cyber security and good governance in place as a first step. The IASME Governance standard, which includes the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme, was developed to show exactly this.”

There are some worrying myths doing the rounds at present.  The most worrying is that because of Brexit, GDPR won’t apply to the UK.  Don’t believe it or you WILL be caught short and leave yourself wide open.  GDPR will impact the UK and the ICO has already clarified this.  With a year to go, the IASME ‘GDPR Ready’ assessment can really help you demonstrate to your customers and suppliers that you have been preparing for the introduction of the regulations.

Show your clients that you take their data seriously by gaining and displaying the ‘GDPR Ready’ logo on your marketing collateral.

Want to preview the questions? See the full question set, including GDPR here.