Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

The Community SOC team are particularly talented at certain aspects of cyber security and are keen to learn and gain experience in a wide range of fields. The team are supervised by an experienced manager with many years of working in the field.

Usually the work will take place at the IASME office in the supported environment.  The client will usually liaise with the team manager and not directly with the individual, although this might happen later in the project.

The following services are offered as standard.  Do contact us if you would like to discuss any of these services or have a bespoke project you would like to discuss our team contributing to:

Open Source intelligence Report (OSINT)

The Community SOC are expert researchers and can find all sorts of information about you and your staff on the internet. Unfortunately, hackers can do the same thing! Our team will provide you with a report detailing your company's online profile and how to remove sensitive data you are exposing.

Vulnerability scanning

Our team will carry out an external vulnerability scan on your office and website.  We will perform detailed analysis on the scan results.  You will receive a full report explaining how and why you need to fix some issues and which issues you can safely ignore.

Anti-Phishing Training

How good are your staff at spotting malicious or spoofed emails? Phishing is a common way to steal credentials and commit fraud and your only effective defence is your staff's vigilance.  We can train your staff on how to spot malicious emails and provide a handy mechanism for them to report any they spot.  You will also get regular reports on your staff's improving performance.

Smart Monitoring

This service allows the Community SOC team to monitor the security of your office network and all computers and devices connected to it.

We can spot and block new devices, computers without anti-virus, signs of malware and dodgy internet activity.  You get alerted if we spot something bad and we can assist you to resolve the problem by referring your issue to IASME's UK-wide network of cyber security advisors.

Credential monitoring

We monitor your email domains and you will be alerted if any of your users credentials appear in a data breach.

Cost: from £4,000 per year