Community Protect

Community Protect

Internet use has become an indispensable part of modern life. Large organisations invest millions in technology and teams to protect against cyber security threats, but individual users must fend for themselves.

Vulnerable members of the community, such as the elderly and disabled, find it particularly difficult to protect themselves, and are thus more likely to become victims of e-crime such as fraud and identity theft. Indeed, there is evidence that cyber criminals specifically target these groups in society. The products and services which have been developed to protect this market have historically focused on the needs and budgets of commercial companies and will never be affordable for the vulnerable individuals most in need of the protection.

A few basic technical measures can greatly reduce the risks for these individuals. By taking a completely different approach to internet protection we are developing a solution which is extremely low cost and scalable to high numbers of individual users. The service will be managed from a community Security Operations Centre (SOC) staffed by our team of neuro-diverse specialists.

Affordable Internet Protection Service

By using easy to use and low-cost techniques, the IASME Community SOC will deliver accessible, effective and affordable cyber security solutions specifically designed for small businesses, charities and individuals.

IASME is just starting a pilot project to test the affordable cyber protection service.  More details about this will be available soon!