Aecsys Technologies Ltd. T/A WeSeeNow

Your entire computer system and information security are in danger like never before. More than half of organisations of all sizes across the UK have suffered data loss and one in three experience downtime due to a cyber-attack. (Independent Research Company, Opinion Matters, Survey June 2016).

WeSeeNow are committed to helping small businesses achieve a level of network security resilience and data protection usually found in corporate business and large organisations.

Our cyber security experts each bring over twenty-five years knowledge and experience to ensure the specific needs of your IT infrastructure and services environment are fully protected by:

  • Up to date security measures across your entire network
  • A full IT disaster recovery and business continuity plan

Preventative or remedial action we take today is designed to safeguard your computer system and all its sensitive information tomorrow.

From hardware to software or Cloud, our cyber security strategy will protect your business from the constant risk from unauthorised access, misuse, modification, malfunction and disaster.  “

For more Information on Cyber Essentials / IASME Certification, or our Cyber Security consultancy services:

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