Excellence IT

Here at excellence IT, we understand that in this day and age IT is a necessity for businesses to function successfully and, although a robust IT infrastructure can be the making of a business, it isnt always everyones top priority. That is where we come in. Excellence IT was born when our 2 directors decided to build a company based on their genuine passion for IT. For the past 25 years, both Andy Beer and Andy Green have lived and breathed IT and have founded their company based on a simple yet effective business model.

At excellence IT, we pride ourselves on delivering a full-cycle IT service to help organisations IMPROVE, INNOVATE and TRANSFORM; these 3 words are what form the foundation of our companys DNA.

We want to help our customers IMPROVE their organisations by eliminating the worry and stress that can often come with IT. We look to create a consistent, transparent and attentive service and hope to build a trusting relationship with all our customers. We feel it is vital our customers have faith in excellence IT as we want them to feel comfortable knowing their IT is in safe hands. In turn, this trusting relationship allows our customers to focus on what is truly important to them and enables us to INNOVATE their IT and business systems and TRANSFORM their core business to give them a competitive edge.

Our core services include:
• Managed Service Provider
• Cloud Services
• Disaster Recovery and Backups
• IT Security
• VoIP Services
• Cyber Essentials Auditing
• IT Training
• Software Development