CyberGuard Technologies

About CyberGuard Technologies – Raising Visibility, Managing Threats

CyberGuard Technologies (an independent company within the OGL Computer Services Group which has been in the technology business for over 40 years) provides the very best in IT security for UK organisations (including private, public and non-profit) looking for premium IT performance in a protected, secure environment. Our cyber defences protect against the potential devastation of an attack from cyber-criminals including defending your finances, identity, reputation, data and your customers’ confidential information.

We protect our customers from end-to-end through; Security Testing, Managed Detect & Respond Services, Security Awareness Training and Cyber Certification, and provide reassurance in the event of an attack through fast and effective Cyber Incident Response, built upon sound threat intelligence gathered by our own team of cyber analysts coupled with intel from various global sources.

For more information: www/ or call 012699 873 800 or email [email protected]